Left to right winners in their class – group or pair, Isaac and Anya Johnston (Piwakawaka King and Queen), and supreme winner Georgia Davenport (Korowai)


On Friday 11 August 2017 TotallyLocally Geraldine held the Inaugural Wearable Lights Competition at the Geraldine Cinema. The competition was the brainchild of Michelle Baker of Tievoli Trading. Merran Blake of Joosh said, “Originally it was intended to be part of the Winter Lights Festival but we didn’t have enough entries to proceed. However a number of families indicated they would be keen once the July school holiday was over. Putting it back a few weeks paid off we’ve had some fantastic entries and we ended selling 170 tickets to the show.”

38 items were paraded in six categories. A guide bearing a Chinese lantern led each contestant through the darkened theatre in a figure of eight pattern so that everybody was able to get a good look at the costumes. Compere Neil Blake told the audience “The entries will be judged on three things: namely ‘Wow’ factor, how the costume reflects the title given it, and creativity.” The competition was judged by Susan Badcock and Shirley Lindroos.

Prizes for the categories were sponsored by local businesses Frankie Did IT, Tievoli Trading, Geraldine Orchard Farmshop & Café, Quality Tyres & Auto Services, The Valley Brewery, and The Tin Shed.

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The winners were

Class 1 - 12yrs Under

1st Sophie Thorpe - Hazel Voight - Georgia McMillan (Star Girl)
2nd Lia Roberts & Katie Moginie (The Hidden Half)
3rd Deja Proudman (Flower Girl)

Class 2 - 13 - 17yrs

1st - Jac Paterson (Oblivion)
2nd - Lelia Mowat-Gainsford & Savior Lafai (Daisies After Rainfall)

Class 3 - 18yrs & Over

1st - Georgia Davenport (Korowai)
2nd - Autumn Minnear (The Carasol Lady)
3rd - Lisa Pilgrim (Invisible Balloon Man)

Class 4 - Hat

1st - Lisa Pilgrim (Jellyfish)
2nd - Bella Keeley (Peaks)
3rd - Sue Jensen (Starlight Galactica)

Class 5 - Lantern or Bag

1st - Lisa Pilgrim (Minion Stuart)
2nd - Geraldine Venturers Group (Winter Night)
3rd - Lisa Pilgrim (Wise Old Night Light)

Class 6 - Pair or Group

1st - Anya & Isaac Johnston (Piwakawaka King & Queen)
2nd - Ashburton College (Over the Rainbow)
3rd - Chloe Warner & Jade Patrick (Crazy Cuzzies)

Supreme Winner

Georgia Davenport (Korowai)